Nowac Landscaping Inc. has been providing quality landscaping design services since 1984. In fact, even in the early days of our company, our CEO Alan Nowac was earning some pretty wonderful praise for his new company. Here’s a clip from the early days of Nowac Landscaping:

Alan Nowac honored

About Working with Our Owner

Alan Nowac, president of A.J. Nowac Landscaping Inc. began his company in 1984 soon after graduation from Ohio University. He is skilled at envisioning a tranquil and beautiful environment that will not only accentuate your home, but also provide you with years of comfort and satisfaction. After discussing your personal objectives, Alan can help you make important design decisions. The end result will be a functional as well as attractive landscape. And you will be pleasantly surprised at our comparatively low cost. Your project gets the appropriate individual attention it deserves- without paying the price for what you don’t need.

How Do You Spell Your Company Name, Again?

We get this a lot! Don’t worry, we’re not offended. Just so you know, our name isn’t:

AJ Nowack Landscaping, AJ Nowach Landscaping, AJ Nowak Landscaping, AJ Novak Landcaping, AJ Novack Landsacping, or any other fun variation on that!

It IS, officially: AJ Nowac Landscaping, Inc. And, we go by just Nowac Landscaping, Inc, for short.

However you spell it, give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a free, no obligation evaluation and estimate!